Zion Ville Academy is a Christian ministry geared towards infants — children 11 years of age. Zion Ville Academy fosters spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and mental development. Our earnest desire and aim is that parents will send their children to Zion Ville Academy with confidence that their child will be taught, cared for and admonished with Christ-like love.

At Zion Ville Academy we strive to provide your child a happy, safe, home environment with fun, early learning opportunities.  We believe that children should feel safe and welcome at all times. At Zion Ville Academy we strongly believe children are active learners who learn best through guided exploration that focuses on:

Þ Cognitive development

Þ Social emotional Development

Þ Language Development

Þ Physical Development

At Zion Ville, our early childhood curriculum help your child develop learning skills at his or her individual pace. A pace that supports the child’s individual potential… from curious infant – >exploring preschooler – >confident kindergartener.


Below are the age groups we serve.

Beautiful Beginnings ——— 0 months – Toddler

Tender feet———————- Toddlers – Preschool

Home School center——— Kindergarten – Middle School

Before and After school care —– All ages.

For more information, set up a tour or to make inquiries about availability and fees click on the contact us tab, fill out the form or call and we will be more than happy to assist and answer any questions you have.

Hope to hear from you soon.